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5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Tea and So Much More

This year I've highlighted 5 ideas that will surely put a smile on her face. Because my mom loves flowers, I've put together a Blooming Super Sampler for her. I've chosen our top 7 (SEVEN!) loose-leaf teas that are full of fragrance, aroma, and flavor. Your mom's sure to love them too! You might consider including a cup or a box of cookies to "round out" that gift. Watch my video to see additional ways to treat that special woman in your life. Each item is linked to the website below.

Now, I know that not everyone has a mom with whom to share these delicious blends. Perhaps consider gifting to the person in your life who has nurtured, supported, and cared for you, that special someone you'd be proud to call mom. Maybe that person is you!

However you choose to share these teas I know that each one will be a treat to the palate and will delight the senses with every sip. Enjoy!

Soak and Sip Box - a collaboration with The Sundry KC in Waldo (Tea Market in-store purchase only)

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