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Stacie working on her computer while drinking matcha

Dear Tea Lover, I heard someone use this word today and it both intrigued and delighted me. I’m sure they made it up, but it really spoke to me and so I created my own definition of what it means to me. Blissipline: When the faithful practice of high value discipline toward your goals, gains so much momentum it brings you JOY, you have achieved “blissipline”.

One of the gifts of maturity, (let’s face it, I mean getting old) is the wisdom to embrace discipline in heretofore chaotic areas of our younger life. For example, loving ice cream but knowing it will give you a rumbly belly that won’t let you sleep so you say "no thank you". Seeing that awesome pair of boots but waiting 3 weeks for them to go on sale. Faithfully going on that walk because you know the time you’ll spend listening to the critical voices in your head if you don’t.

And please don’t get me started on my yoga practice, skip a week or two and my vinyasa begins to look and feel a little like I'm losing to my grandchildren in a game of Twister.

Blissipline is knowing what’s right for you, choosing intentional goals and executing on the steps that bring those goals into being! That is the sweet stuff that gives life so much meaning. I’m sure you have your own list of intentions that drive you forward daily. It’s fun to reflect on them and give yourself a little grace or kick in the pants when needed.

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