TEALEAVES, the luxury tea blender of choice for Michelin-star Chefs and 5-Star hotels worldwide, blended their teas to create perfect tea aromas and tastes. Each tea pouch is individually wrapped to keep your tea fresh and easily transportable. Choose from the following duet boxes (2 teabags in each):

  • Pinkies Up! contains one teabag each of Organic English Breakfast & Organic Earl Grey to offer a bold or uplifting moment respectively.
  • Tender Loving Care contains one lovely teabag of Organic Long Life Green and Organic Vanilla Roiboos to create moments rich in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Jetlag Therapy Kit - Stay awake with one teabag of Energy and fall asleep with one teabag of Relax. Perfect for that traveler in your life.
  • Lucky Envelope contains one teabag each of Long Life Green and Imperial Oolong to create enlightened and sophisticated moments.

TeaLeaves Luxury Duet Teabags

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