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Winter Sampler

Enjoy 5 of our Winter Teas: 

White Earl Grey - Beautiful blend of Chinese Mutan White tea with natural lemony Bergamot.

Sencha Fir - Sencha green tea blended with almonds, dried oranges, and red peppercorns.

Cupid's Blend - Black tea blended with berries and chocolate. Ohlala!

Winter Spice - Blend of black tea with citrus, cloves, safflowers, almond, orange and Bourbon vanilla.

Dandelion Detox - Pu Erh and Oolong tea, dandelion root, cinnamon, and citrus. All blended to help restore balance.



    All of our Teas are non-refundable.  If you have any issues, contact us directly and we would be happy to help you!

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