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Health & Wellness Consultation

Take a deeper dive and get specific recommendations on how TEA can benefit your healthy life.

  • 30 minutes
  • 25 US dollars
  • East 55th Street

Service Description

Becoming a daily tea drinker and growing in my understanding of the amazing health benefits of tea became the catalyst for a cascade of positive lifestyle shifts that transformed and restored my health in my late 30s. These changes fueled my desire to voraciously study human health and functional natural ways to create a strong, lean, symptom-free, thriving body I could enjoy for the remainder of the journey. Now that I’m in my early 60s, I’m so thankful for what I learned and the habits I’ve created that allow me to enjoy vibrant energy, glowing skin, optimal health, and the hope for not just a long life-span, but more importantly a long “health-span” so I can truly enjoy every moment with those I love. In addition to being a certified tea specialist and master blender, I also became a certified holistic health coach simply to be a better resource for my like-minded tribe at Tea Market. Everybody knows tea is good for you, right, but how good, why, by what mechanism, and how to use that information to our benefit is why I continually study, research, and share with anyone searching for a place to start or fine-tune a new journey of health and wellness. Tea from the Camelia Sinensis plant and teas we create with other botanicals are the original wellness drinks. Steeping nature’s abundant plants into tea for better health, skin, energy, relaxation, focus, healing, and sleep, as well as a stronger immune function, a healthier weight, and a better mood have been known and documented for centuries. This is no hype or fade, this is ancient wisdom, Grandma wisdom, and the truth. If you want to take a deeper dive into the ways tea can benefit you personally, schedule a 30-minute consultation with me. This is where we start! I’ve been teaching my philosophy and my talk, “Make Your Health Your Hobby” for more than a decade and I know that taking on new habits as an enjoyable “hobby” is an approach that creates lasting change. Discover how putting yourself first and using our clean, health-promoting, and most importantly delicious teas and herbal blends can help you create a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle! Let’s get started!

Contact Details

  • 329 East 55th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64113, USA

    + (816) 822-9832

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