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Business Coaching

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Stacie Robertson

Tea Market Founder and Owner * STI Certified Tea Specialist

Certified Holistic Health Coach * Wellness Lifestyle Educator

Teacher, Speaker, Master Blender

Owning and operating a thriving small business that allows me to express my passion for tea, penchant for quality, and love for people has been very rewarding.  Since 2002 when I founded Tea Market, I have met many entrepreneurial tea aficionados that would LOVE to do what I do. 


When it comes to coaching, I prefer a total immersion approach and invite interested, business-minded individuals, serious about opening a tea business, to come to my beloved Kansas City and spend an entire 8-hour day with me.  I’m an open book and happy to show and tell all that I’ve learned and been successful doing for more than two decades. 

I’m a numbers nerd at heart and can help shed light on a business plan you may be considering as well as sharing the nuts and bolts of how I operate my business which has enjoyed year-over-year annual growth since its inception.  Nothing is off limits. You get to meet my staff, get to know my shop, learn how we manage inventory, how we sell our teas, create blends etc.  You get to peek behind the curtain on the entire operation; how we manage marketing and partner with other businesses. I even share sources and how our Tea Bar is set up, and what you’ll need. The works!

I do my own accounting, payroll, in house marketing, buying, sourcing, inventory management, blending; soup to nuts my Grannie used to say.  I operate a debt-free business on a budget and can teach those simple principles to anyone with a serious desire to do likewise.  It’s all about putting a solid plan together, having a vision, honing your unique perspective on tea, and with discipline, energy and hard work, executing on that plan.

If this day of learning sounds interesting to you, here’s how it works.

  1. Email your interest to me by clicking on the button below. We would then schedule a phone call to see if this idea is a fit for the two of us. If it is then we will get your tea business immersion coaching day scheduled.

  2. The fee is $800, paid in full upon scheduling.  You would arrive in Kansas City on your own and make your own arrangements for lodging if your travel requires an overnight stay.

  3. On the scheduled day of coaching, you would arrive at Tea Market at 9:30 in the morning. We would spend the day together doing all the above and more. This would include lunch together at Tea Market and at the conclusion of our intense day, we would have dinner together where you can simply ask all your questions. 

  4. The fee includes 4 follow up emails and two 30-minute phone calls within 3 months of your coaching day.


If you’d like to invest in your future tea empire by learning how I run mine, just send me an email and let’s explore the possibility.  Please, serious inquiries only.

Email me at


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