Stay well, focused, and happy with help from the perfect “Care Package”. Teas, oils, and treats to support anyone headed back to school, adapting to working from home, or just needing a remote hug in a box that says, “You got this!”


Care Package contains

  • A cheerful, ribboned sampler of our 6 Functional Wellness Teas: Detox, Tummy Tamer, Sweet Dreams, Energize, Total-i-tea, and Flu Fighter, to stay well naturally (about 30 cups of tea).
  • A rollerball of Thinker; an essential oil blend to clear brain fog, reduce nervous tension, elevate mood, and energize your ability to concentrate and focus.
  • A large box of our delicious Lark Cookies for grown-ups, a lightly sweet treat of premium upscale ingredients, guaranteed to turn any frown upside down.
  • The “care hug” emoji card lets them know how much you care. Enter a note at check out and we will handwrite your message on the card so they know exactly how you feel.

Price includes free shipping, a sheet explaining all the teas and how to prepare them as well as information on the oil blend. The cookies are pretty self-explanatory 😊

Care Package

  • All of our Teas are non-refundable.  If you have any issues, contact us directly and we would be happy to help you!