David Rio Chai is inspired by India’s “chai wallahs”, who for centuries brewed chai from black tea and real spices, and then added milk and honey to the final preparation.  Incorporating those Eastern traditions and blending them with Western innovations, they created their own premium product, using high-quality ingredients with a robust, well-balanced taste.  

Their chai is easy to prepare and quite versatile and can be prepared hot, iced or blended and can be used in baking and other delicacies. 
David Rio takes special pride and care in using freshly ground organic spices that release a delightful aroma just as you pour the hot water or milk over any David Rio chai mix.  The distinctive chai fragrance and flavors fully bloom into a well-balanced chai right in your cup.

A key ingredient that sets David Rio apart from other chai mixes is their no- GMO, non-dairy creamer, which offers a wonderfully creamy texture without the heaviness of chemicals and fillers.  The products in their Endangered Species Line are also certified cRc Kosher.  Every David Rio chai product is free from hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and gluten.  The quality and mixture of spices and ingredients assure the crisp, clean flavor of their chai, boasting its depth in every sip.

David Rio uses USDA Certified Organic Spices in all of their chai products because they care about the ingredients they use.  Using organic spices delivers better quality, enhanced taste, and is one of their many contributions to creating a healthy product and a healthy environment - for people, plants and animals.

David Rio Chai

Chai Blends: