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With a delicate and savory impression, Aiya's Organic Matcha Infused Gyokuro is combined with Organic Ceremonial Matcha for a perfect union of flavors and umami. One of the most prestigious teas of Japan, Gyokuro is shade-grown for weeks before harvest, resulting in elevated levels of L-theanine and a slightly sweet, vegetal aroma.


Aiya's Organic Gyokuro grows in the southernmost tea-producing region of Japan, where warmer weather and an early spring impart the leaves with a delicate savory impression. To ensure optimal flavor, enjoy Gyokuro at a slightly cooler temperature.


Each box contains 10 individual 10 bags. Steep 1 tea bag for 2 minutes in 1 cup (8 oz.) of hot water (140 degrees).

Matcha Infused Gyokuro

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.75Sale Price

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