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The Rx Prescription Tea Sampler is Tea Market's Prescription for Health!


We all have friends who have hit a bump in the road. Whether it's a recent surgery, an accident, an illness, or maybe they're just having a bad day, week, or year. The Rx Sampler has all the teas they'll need to get back on their feet and start feeling better quicker than a hiccup.


The Rx Prescription Tea Sampler includes:

  • Five one-ounce packets of tea, specifically chosen with health and wellness in mind.  
    • Detox -  jump-starts digestion
    • Turmeric Ginger - reduces swelling and inflammation
    • Berry Wellness - keeps you hydrated and boosts your immune system
    • Eastern Anti-Bug - protects against viruses, bacteria, and those bad buggies
    • Sweet Dreams - promotes restful sleep

Rx Prescription Tea Sampler


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