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These lovely tetsubin cast iron kettles are ideal for steeping your tea. Simply place your tea in the mesh basket (included), pour your pre-heated water over the leaves, and steep. The enamel coating on the inside makes these kettles a handy teaware item for brewing tea, and if properly taken care of, your kettle will last a long time.


One of the best features of cast-iron teapots is their heat-retaining quality. For this reason, it is perfect during colder weather, especially when brewing up some roasted green tea.


Here are the simple steps to enjoy a cup of tea from your Cast Iron Kettle:

1: Pre-rinse your kettle using hot water

2: Fill the tea strainer with your desired tea

3: Pour the pre-heated hot water into the teapot and steep as per the tea's instructions

4: Remove the strainer with tea once it has brewed and pour your tea into your cup

5: Repeat as many times as the tea leaves can withstand

6: Once finished, rinse the teapot using warm water and carefully dry with a dry cloth or towel.


Because of the enamel coating on the inside these cast iron kettles require less care. Furthermore, they should never be used over a fire or on the stove. 


• Don't pour cold water immediately into a kettle that just had hot water in it, or one that is still hot. This will cause damage and possible cracking. It is the case with all teapots.

• Don't leave water sitting in a kettle for long periods and always dry the outside immediately after use, to prevent rusting. Always use a dry cloth. If storing away, make extra sure that the inside is dry!

• As with any teapot, refrain from using any soaps or detergents. 

Tetsubin Cast Iron Kettle