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Cold Brew Iced Tea

Prep Time:

Overnight (see notes below)


1 or for a party


  • 1 tsp. tea leaves for every 8 ounce pitcher capacity

  • Tap or filtered water


  1. Determine the number of ounces in your glass or pitcher.

  2. Put 1 tsp. of tea for every 8 ounce capacity of the above glass or pitcher in personal tea bags, tea sac, or infuser basket. Some pitchers come with infuser baskets (Lucent, Takeya 1 qt. and 2 qt., Silhouette)

  3. Place the tea leaves in the glass or pitcher.

  4. Fill the glass or pitcher with water and place in the refrigerator.

  5. You can steep the tea overnight. It can be ready sooner: 3-4 hours for green, white and lightly oxidated oolong tea and 5-6 hours for black or darkly oxidated oolong tea or herbal.

  6. NOTE: Since there is no heat involved in cold brewing the flavour is smoother, more delicate, and often sweeter.

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