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Flash Chill Iced Tea

Prep Time:

5 minutes


1 or for a party


  • 1 tsp. tea leaves for every 8 ounce glass or pitcher capacity

  • Heated water

  • Ice cubes


  1. Determine the number of ounces in your glass or pitcher.

  2. Put 1 tsp. of tea for every 8 ounce capacity of the above glass or pitcher in a personal tea bag, tea sac, or infuser basket. Some pitchers come with infuser baskets (Lucent, Takeya 1 qt. and 2 qt., Silhouette)

  3. Place the tea leaves in the glass or pitcher.

  4. Fill the glass or pitcher halfway with heated water (160 degrees for green tea, 180 for white or lightly oxidated oolongs, 195-212 for black, herbal and darkly oxidated oolongs).

  5. Set the timer (3 minutes for greens and oolongs, 4 minutes for whites and blacks).

  6. When the timer goes off remove the tea leaves. Some tea leaves, especially oolongs, can be resteeped, which means you can save the tea leaves and steep them again. Try it and see if you like the flavor.

  7. Pour the hot tea over ice or add ice and stir. If the tea was steeped at a higher temperature it could melt all of the ice. In that case just add more to chill.

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