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Do you wish
your favorite tea
showed up magically
at your door each month?

It can!
Tea  The Original Wellness Drink (Instagram Post).png
The Details

No more bare cupboards. No more needing to remember to place an order.

For $50 we will send your favorite tea on a monthly recurring auto-ship

As a small token of our appreciation for your support

Subscribers always get 15% more tea, just to say thanks for buying tea like a boss. Because the price of tea varies, you’ll get $50 worth of your favorite and we’ll add 15% more tea to your refill bag. Savings and convenience and free shipping, just for you Boss! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Choose Your Favorite Tea” button and email us your Favorite Tea. Check out our website or click on the button to see our Tea Menu.

  2. Include the address where you would like us to send your tea.

  3. Click the “Auto-ship Refill” button.

  4. Select "Pay Monthly" and fill in your name and credit card information.

  5. We’ll send your tea Priority Mail each month and auto-deduct your account $50 on the date you set up your first order.

  6. Change your mind and want to try another tea? Just email us with your new tea request and we'll send it out with the next order.

  7. Need to cancel? You'll receive a receipt each month with the option to cancel your subscription. 

  8. Easy Peezy!

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