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Tea Market's One-of-a-Kind Houseblends

Creating super flavorful blends that offer natural ways to have more energy, or feel calm and relaxed, or contribute to daily well-being is my mission and the driving force behind Tea Market.

But I learned that flavor comes first. You must love the flavor of the tea for it to do you a darn bit of good. My goal: blend teas that taste so good on their own, no one would think of adding anything that would detract from their amazing wellness benefits.

We offer over 100 teas and a third of them are our own hand-crafted house blends. Unique blends you won’t find anywhere else in the world because we’ve created them right here at Tea Market in Kansas City. I’m so proud of them because they consistently dominate our top 25 best sellers which means our customers LOVE them. And, with good reason. They’re fresh, fragrant, clean, wholesome, good for you and have amazing flavor.

Want to see tea blending in action? Enjoy my video and watch us blend some of your favorites!

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