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Each year Silk Road Teas travels extensively in the provinces of China visiting small farms, out-of-the-way markets and specialty tea companies to acquire varietals that offer their customers a distinctive taste experience. As a result, they have access to some of China's finest and most unusual teas. Their teas are harvested in the early spring when leaves are fresh and their flavors most pronounced. Their company is widely recognized for the variety and unparalleled quality of its teas.

  • Rooibos Organic Tisane - delicious, caffeine-free "Red Bush" herbal, offers a honey-like sweetness and subtle, fruity flavor
  • Spring Green Decaf Organic Green Tea - choice leaf pluck, aroma is lightly sweet and vegetal, cups to lemon-yellow color with flavors of herbs and a hint of fruit.
  • White Peony Organic White Tea - tender leaves and silver buds picked early in the spring, offer a straw-colored liquor and subtle flavor of melon and herbs.
  • Genmaicha Organic Green Tea - fresh Sencha green tea and roasted rice create a golden infusion, toasty aroma and nutty flavor.
  • Dragon Well Organic Green Tea - golden-green leaves, with a soft vegetal aroma, offer a toasty flavor with hints of chestnut and a sweet, lingering finish.
  • Tieguanyin Oolong Tea - "Monkey Picked" denotes highest grade oolong. Aromatic moss-green leaves offer a floral flavor and lingering finish.
  • Keemun Organic Black Tea - elegant "Burgundy" of tea steeps to a bright red color. The taste is full-bodied with hints of cocoa and a sweet bouquet.
  • Yunnan Black Organic Black Tea - the "mocha of tea" offers a malty aroma, a slightly peppery smooth taste, and a mouth-filling, sweet finish.
  • Imperial Leaf Organic Pu-erh Tea - "cooked" or dark pu-erh has fully oxidized leaves, a toasty, earthy aroma, and lingering smooth taste.

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