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Succulent blend of every category of tea, plus herbs, fruit, spice, flowers and berries.  20 ingredients in one incredible cup provides balanced sweet, spicy, tangy goodness to reduce stress, remove toxins, burn fat and curb cravings; Power packed hydration you will love.


 Health Benefits:

•Immune System Boost

•Healthy Weight Management


Perfect for:

Those who want every health benefit drinking tea has to offer in one perfect cup.


Country of Origin:




Wuyi oolong, green, white, pu-erh, hibiscus flowers*, ginger root*, rosehips*, licorice root*, orange peel*, schisandra berries*, essential tangerine and orange oils, currents*, natural strawberry and blueberry flavor, grapefruit flavor, vanilla flavor, cinnamon, cloves, natural and artificial flavors. *Indicates organic (USDA Certified).


Exclusive House Blend

Black Tea Fruit Spice Blend

Moderate caffeine 

Steep 1 tea measuring spoonful in 8 oz of 195* water for 3-5 minutes




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