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Feel better fast with herbs and spices for comfort: Fennel for gas relief, Ginger and Peppermint for nausea, Star Anise and a touch of Senna relaxing the system, Fruit and Berries for enzymes that improve digestion. Natural relief that tastes great!


Health Benefits:

•Improves Digestion

•Reduces Inflammation


Perfect for:

Replacing OTC remedies with healing natural plants known from ancient times.


Countries of Origin:

Asia, Europe, Africa, China



Fennel seeds, ginger root, star anise, senna leaf, rose hips*, hibiscus*, currents*, schizandra berry*, natural strawberry and blueberry flavor. *Indicates organic (USDA Certified), peppermint.


Exclusive House Blend

Herbal Fruit Spice Blend

No Caffeine

Steep 1 tea measuring spoonful in 8 oz of 212* water for 4 minutes

Tummy Tamer

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$4.97Sale Price

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