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Tea Lemonade

Prep Time:

5 minutes


One 16-20 Ounce Serving



Step 1

Heat water (160 for green tea, 195 for black tea or herbal).

Step 2

Place loose leaf tea leaves in infuser (we like to use the Timolino or the Simple Brew) and add 8 ounces of heated water. (You are making a "tea concentrate" and that's why you're using half the amount of water.)

Step 3

Set timer to steep tea (3 minutes green tea, 4 minutes black tea or herbal).

Step 4

While tea is steeping add sugar and stir until dissolved.

Step 5

While your tea steeps fill a 16-20 ounce cup with ice cubes and add lemon juice.

Step 6

When the timer goes off pour the tea over the ice cubes and stir. Add additional ice cubes and stir again. ENJOY!

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