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7 Ways to Help Mother Earth

Do you realize all of the ways that YOU help Mother Earth by shopping at Tea Market? First of all, if you drink loose-leaf tea and use an infuser, the steeped tea is consumed and the tea leaves return to the earth and naturally compost back into the ground. There is literally 0 waste.

And Tea Market offers you more ways to protect our planet! Since opening in 2002 I’ve offered our customers 2-, 4-, or 8-ounce tins that they can bring back and refill to receive a 10% discount on the tea of their choice. We even have Tea Market refill bags for you to store those empty tins. We love to see our customers walk in with their refill bag chock full of empty tins because we know you are supporting our goal of ZERO waste!

Taking care of our earthly home can include the products we use to clean our homes, purchasing a water bottle rather than using plastic throwaway bottles, and considering dryer balls as opposed to dryer sheets. Watch my video to learn the little ways that YOU can make a BIG difference every day.

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