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The Ultimate Tea-to-Go Cup

This beautiful Ultimate Tea-to-Go Cup was thoughtfully designed, engineered, and produced with the true tea lover and connoisseur in mind. This “total solution” cup will become your most loved and valued piece of teaware in your collection.

This cup is genius! Take your love of tea wherever you go. Steep and re-steep to perfection every time with this high-quality, precision-designed travel tea cup. It offers:

  • Double-walled, impact-resistant, heavy-duty glass

  • High-quality, precision-fit screw lid for the top and bottom

  • State-of-the-art stainless steel mechanism that allows you to effortlessly brew tea on the go and separate the brewed tea from the tea leaves with no muss, no fuss, and no hot dripping infuser to remove and deal with.

If you take your tea more seriously than most, the Ultimate Tea-to-Go Cup was made with you in mind. Our Artisan Chinese manufacturer created the perfect and ultimate solution to steeping tea on the go.

I guarantee you've never seen or used anything like it, but if I get enough preorders, you will be able to! Pre-Order yours NOW!

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