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Seasonal Tea Sipper Subscription

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Give a gift all year long with our Seasonal Tea Sipper Subscription!

As award-winning master tea blenders, we live to create inspired flavor combinations that celebrate the very best each season has to offer. These become one-of-a kind tea offerings, you won’t find anywhere else, that honor the changing seasons and embrace the flavor profiles we truly anticipate and enjoy throughout our annual trip around the sun… Your subscription contains 4 shipments, each containing 5 one-ounce packages (each makes 5-7 cups) of delicious seasonal teas. Watch the video and then order yours today!

At Holiday Time

Robust black teas with warming spices like cinnamon and clove. Green teas with citrus and woodsy pine aromas that lift the spirit. Some whimsical hints of childhood seasonal treats like candy canes, pomegranate, and peppermint.

At Spring Time

Fresh and fragrant blends that celebrate reawakening and evoke fond memories of shedding the heaviness of winter for the lightness of Spring. Soft florals like rosebuds and jasmine, hints of mild spice, soothing lavender, some green tea freshness with hints of mint.

At Summer Time

Uncompromising tea blends that do double duty; taste incredible hot or poured over ice. Refreshing flavors that evoke free and happy sunny days and warm nights. Berries, cherries, stone fruits, lemon and more adorn “craveable” teas you can’t resist.

In the Fall

Our Pumpkin Spice is a seasonal mic drop. Cranberries crown green teas and our Spice Cake is legendary. As well as blackberry, plum, hibiscus and more; all flavors we’re dying to taste the moment those boots, and sweaters come out to play.

Each adorable Seasonal Sampler will simply arrive at your door just in time to usher in and celebrate the new season upon us. Enjoy!

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