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The Most Sensational Snacks and Tea Pairings

Simple Treats For Parties And “You” Time

One thing is certain: You cannot have tea without some kind of snack. In most places around the world, it’s quite rude to forego treats when you serve tea. The same standard should be held for all of us, even when taking tea alone. We’ve pulled together some traditional — and not-so-traditional — tea and snack combinations that you’ll love to pair together. 

We have some of your tried and true flavors like cranberry and orange. But what about savory cheese with pepper and even matcha-flavored snacks? Get ready to discover some new treats to add to your annual snack roster!

Peppermint Bark with Peppermint Tea

If you’re a candy cane fanatic, this minty combo will refresh your palette and satiate your sweet tooth. Choose your favorite Tea Market peppermint tea and enjoy the snap and melty delight of peppermint bark. 

Peppermint tea brings out the robust flavors in peppermint bark while also acting as a refresher between bites of rich chocolate. Dark and white chocolate are layered together and sprinkled with pieces of crushed candy canes for a visually stunning and festive holiday snack. 

Spiced Chai Cookies with Hot Chai

The warmth and spice of a hot chai almost define the flavors of the season. To add even more richness to your hot Tea Market Masala Chai, add whole milk and sugar or honey.

Thanks to Taylor Swift chai cookies have become a mainstream cozy snack, but we’ve upgraded the chai cookie recipe with our twist. You can choose to glaze them or not, but either way we think they are a divine little snack.

Cheese and Herb Scones with English Breakfast Tea

If you like savory more than sweet, this snack combination is going to be a winner in your book. Cheesy herb scones can be made with a combination of different cheeses and herbs. Think aged cheddar, asiago, or parmesan paired with dried rosemary, oregano, or thyme. 

Enjoy these scones on their own or with a small pat of butter. Eat them with a bold tea and a splash of whole milk. We recommend a strong English Breakfast tea. But, any of our True Leaf Energetic and Focused teas, like Afternoon Tea, Irish Breakfast or Kenilworth, are perfect for this snack combo. 

White Chocolate Cashew Matcha Bark with Sencha Green Tea

If you want to try a holiday snack that’s completely new, this white chocolate matcha bark is an excellent spin on the traditional peppermint bark. White chocolate is melted and mixed with matcha powder and crushed cashews. Add dried cranberries or cherries for a little chew and tartness that balances the sweetness of the white chocolate. 

This sweet snack pairs nicely with our High Grade Sencha green tea. Sencha, like matcha, is prized in Japan for its history, culture, and quality. The grassy green tones bring out the earthy flavor of the white chocolate matcha bark.

Orange Zest Shortbread Cookies with Earl Grey Tea 

Traditional buttery shortbread cookies are given a bump of character with a squeeze of fresh orange juice and grated orange zest. This cookie is the ideal holiday snack to enjoy with Earl Grey Organic tea

The signature flavor in Earl Grey tea comes from bergamot oil, which is a beautiful citrus fruit from the Mediterranean. Bergamot gives Earl Grey tea a fragrant and floral-like flavor that brings out the orange zest in the shortbread cookies. 

Rosemary and Parmesan Shortbread Biscuits with Chamomile Tea

This is another savory cheesy twist on a classic sweet shortbread treat. Spice up your shortbread recipe with freshly grated parmesan, crushed dried rosemary, and a hint of black pepper or white pepper. For a little extra flavor, sprinkle the tops of the biscuits with parmesan cheese.


Pair your cheesy shortbread biscuits with a delicate and subtle tea. We recommend Mandarin Chamomile or another of our Calm and Relaxed herbal tisanes that are soothing and non-intrusive. You’ll agree that this combination is remarkably satisfying as you enjoy each cheesy and crunchy bite of the biscuits. 

Source: Adapted from a blog post on Teabloom by Erika Robertson. For the full article go to:

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