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When Bad Tea Happens to Good People or What Are Dust and Fannings

Green tea dust and fannings on white paper towel

Tragedy can ensue any time one's tea supply gets dangerously low for any reason. Well, this sad scenario recently happened to yours truly. My beloved Dragon Well has an early and short harvest season. And every year all you get is all you get. As I was awaiting my shipment of the 2023 Long Jing Dragon Well Superior Grade to arrive, I steeped what was left in my tin. It's called "dregs" or the industry term "dust and fannings". This is what makes up the majority of grocery store tea bags.

That's why one of the things I hear all the time is, "I ran out of your tea so I just grabbed a box at the store and YUCK! I'll never make that mistake again!" Well, even good tea can taste bad when you get down to the dregs. Here's what happened to me.

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